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The Product

Welcome to, the place where you can get the most important news about the topics you care, selected only for you.

At your fingertips, you have access to all of the news you want to read, categorized by your favorite topics and available from many of the best news sources in the world. We will customize – just for you, at your direction - all the world’s news headlines that interest you. We will select the news not only considering the topics you like, but also by considering how important a news might be for you. So you will always be informed about all the latest trends about the topics you care. Plus, since is so highly customizable to your tastes, you won’t have any wasted time sorting through stories in which you’re not interested. It is your news, whenever you want it, and wherever you have Internet access!

Now that you’re here, we hope you’ll sign in and join our growing community of news-junkies. Once you’re signed in the first time, you’ll be able to select the topics from which to gather your news, as well as any number of top news sources from which you would prefer to have more news items in your newsfeed. And, you can update and change this settings as often as you like!

Welcome to our site, have a look around and if you have any feedback for us (good or bad), please let us know. We’re always looking to improve so our users can get the best experience possible!

Happy Newsing!

The Problem

The Internet has massive amounts of published content available every day, and is increasing daily. Consumers are suffering information overload. There is an overwhelming amount of content from: news articles, blog posts, status updates, tweets, to name a few.

Finding information that interests internet users has become more difficult, as well as more time consuming. Social networks are starting to lose their effectiveness as they becoming more bloated. This is the social network paradox; when you have no tools that allow people to effectively filter the ever growing “noise” of information.

The Algorithm

The algorithm of uses semantic technologies to identify the categories of the news stories, and applies over 50 factors, in order to estimate how relevant, important, and interesting a news item will be for the user. The algorithm is applied individually for every user, and for every news item. This is a very expensive computational effort, but is fundamental in providing a discovery vs. a filtering experience. This is very different from how other personalized news services work. This services just computes a score (if any) only for the news items from the sources/categories selected by the user. This means that they will never be able to discover interesting articles from related sources and categories, and they will be trapped in their own filter bubble.

Giving Control to the User

On the users can always get control on what they are reading. They can change the rating of categories and sources on a 5 star scale. They can browse to the category or source page, they can change to get the top article based on the algorithm, the top articles from the last 24 hours or 7 days, or the latest articles of one category. It will never be a black box, that will not tell the user how weights the different categories and sources.